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Bluetooth Keyboard
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Bluetooth Keyboard

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You'll Never Want to Be Without the Portable Virtual Laser Keyboard  

Amazingly Compact - With only a small box needed to project the keyboard onto any surface, the virtual laser keyboard is the pinnacle of portability. It's the perfect solution for executives and others with an on-the-go lifestyle. You'll want to carry it with you everywhere.
You’ll Be More Efficient - No more lugging around a bulky laptop or using tiny screen keys. With the laser keyboard, you'll be able to dash off an important email, efficiently take notes, or scroll through vital documents on your phone or tablet. It's a must-have.
Mouse Functionality - The virtual keyboard is complete with mouse functionality allowing for efficient cursor control, left and right clicks, and drag and scroll.
Streamlined Workspace - With a laser keyboard, your workspace will be streamlined and uncluttered allowing you more space. Be the first to sport the new ultra-functional, futuristic style.
Compatible with All Your Devices - The virtual laser keyboard is Bluetooth compatible so it works with your smartphone, tablet or computer.* It also comes equipped with a standard USB mini-B interface. (Input power: 1A 5V USB Charge)
Long-Lasting and Durable - The infrared laser keyboard comes equipped with a Lithium-ion Polymer rechargeable battery and has no moving interior components making it safe for and durable for travel. The Ultimate Gift - The moment anyone sees the projection keyboard, they instantly want one of their own. It's the perfect gift for co-workers, friends, and loved ones.

One Laser Projection Keyboard Unit
One USB Cable
One Easy-to-Understand User's Manual

Requires IOS4 or above, Android 2.1 or above, Windows XP or above, Windows Phone 7 or above, Mac OS